Keep Up
With Content


Artificial Intelligence

“Reads” content & scans images to block inappropriate material.


Real-Time Filtering

Automatically unblocks pages when inappropriate content is no longer featured.

Make It


Image Filtering

Filters images based on your preferred settings. Paint over skin-tone images to keep your browsing modest.


Video Filtering

Block all video or allow video access from specific sites. For your computer, you can choose a YouTube filter level that’s right for you.

Find The Right


Geder-Approved Whitelist

Access our pre-vetted list of thousands of kosher sites for news, shopping & more. Create or import your own unlimited whitelist.


Geder-Approved Categories

Access 15+ categories like real estate, Ecommerce, automotive, and financial industries.

More Flexible Features

Clean, safe browsing

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    Timed Settings

    Restrict internet access after hours.

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    Block Ads

    Browse without ads.

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    Safer Browsing

    Block spam sites as-you -go.

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    Keyword Filter

    Block inappropriate keyword searches.

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    Safe Search On

    Keep your computer in Safe Search mode.

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    Page Scrubbing

    Clean the page of inappropriate content so you can access the rest.

Filter Your Way.