98% of businesses who start with Geder, stay with Geder.

Geder gives you more options for employer controls, seamless integration, and Level 2 Support for Enterprise. Our 98% business retention rate tells the story; Geder was built for business.

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Simple. Smooth. Supportive.

support Employer Controls

Customize filter settings by account, department, or employee. Oversee unblock requests for any team member at any time.

support Seamless Integration

Install Geder, set your preferences, and start working immediately, with no downtime. Our software & hardware options integrate perfectly with any existing system.

support Level 2 Support

Our expert & committed team is the secret behind our high levels of customer satisfaction. Geder Enterprise includes access to IT-friendly Level 2 Support, at no extra cost.

Choose a plan that’s right for your business size.

Set your filter preferences any way you want

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    Small Business

    For smaller teams 1-4 computers
    For smaller teams 1-4 computers
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    For smaller teams 1-4 computers
    For smaller teams 5+ computers

Getting started is simple & quick.

  • quick Talk to an expert and select the right plan for your business.
  • quick We’ll work with your IT team to get you set up.
  • quick Start filtering right away with no downtime.

Geder is compatible with virtually every kind of router, firewall, and network system.

3 Network Options, 1 Right Fit.

IT teams:
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Ask questions, get tech details, or discover customized solutions for bigger business. We’re here to work together.

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